Finally, I am no longer a loser!


‘You are such a loser”
I used to say this to myself many many times indeed when things used to go the other way around me.

Several times in lives, we all face difficulties in getting what we want. Instead things don’t turn up right how we want them to be. We tend to end up cursing ourselves how bad we are, how much loser we are. But being this way shall not take us anywhere. On second thought, if only we had rationalized the results more prudently and patted ourselves words like “Better luck next time. C’mon, this is not the end of the world. This is the opportunity, to upgrade myself, I must comprehend.”, then we would have definitely at least save ourselves from being a real loser in future.

Finally, today is again a new year. Lets not let it pass by like just another new year. So, lets together say this to ourselves “I am no longer a loser. I deserve better. I have to work hard and be assertive about it.”.

Lets award ourselves a great “New Year 2018” and bright future ahead!

Best wishes.



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  1. Rahul says:

    It is nice.

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