Does technology make people feel alone?


‘Teting teting teting teting ting ting….’
My dear old grandma answers the video call, “Hello? How’s you doing?”
“Ma I am good. Have you eaten?….” replies my uncle from the other end.

Had the technology not been this advanced for people to talk face to face through a video call in smart phones over the internet, my granny never would have the chance to see her son on daily basis despite the fact that they both live in different continents.

But merits and demerits of the day to day advancement of technology vary from people to people. Some people may have innumerous friends in their social site but  may live solitary life. People who are socially active online may not necessarily be equally lively face to face. Moreover, people tend to have been more isolated unknowingly due to constricting their life into smart gadgets and virtual world. People feel more comfortable over virtual chat rooms rather than being in real rooms while dealing with each other.

So does the technology make people feel alone?
It is still controversial.



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